Monday, 18 June 2007


Night Magic

Magic seemed to pulsate
from deep within the dense forest.
Magic that could be felt
in the cold north wind.
Magic that could be seen
in shadowy forms hidden beneath
the moss covered trees.

The dark blue green trees
swayed as if,
the call of the night bird rang out
It's sound shrill and heavy
full of menace.

She stopped and listened
as the night bird called again.
Low and mournful
She would not admit her fear
nor how the cold made her tremble.

Forty years had come and gone.
Forty years,
and still they whispered.
Behind locked doors
Whispered in the dead of night.

Whispered of another time
when fear was a part of living.
Fear fed upon fear
none dared enter the forest

Mists came,
rising slowly in the darkness.
Creeping up and around her.
She now was fully engulfed in the wet icy
fingers of shadows.
Fear pervaded her being.
Her mind numb
Her body powerless
She faded within the mist.
As had the other, forty years ago.

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